Donations are always welcome.
Each donation brings me one step closer to bringing this work to you as a final finished product.
Also, each successive donation has unique benefits so that you do not walk away with nothing.

I do not keep a single penny from your donations. Every last penny goes back into this ministry. That is a promise.

If you are strapped for cash, we always accept prayers for the success of both the finished work our ministry.

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Donate $150

Donate $250

My theological analysis and notes used in the production of this Graphic Novel. It will go into much more detail.

Donate $50

Donate $75

Pieces of original art by Todd made specifically for this project.

Both my theological analysis/notes as well as some of the original art by Todd.

This will give a free copy of the final product delivered straight to your doorstep.

Donate $500

I will not only deliver a copy straight to your doorstep, but it will also be a signed copy.

Open Donation

No specific benefits, but you will receive an honorable mention.


Donate via Paypal, Venmo, or the Cash App:

                King's Creative Alliance       OWEN HAWTHORN

                                                          $250                                                          $55


Top donors can have their names here.
If you are the top donor, please email me and include a copy of your receipt.

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