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What Did Scientists Believe in the Past?

Because scientific elites control both the universities and public opinion, they fight against any new discoveries that they deem to be without merit. Those that challenge the status quo on these discoveries face many hardships.

They are denied funding and even fired for what they found.

As an educator, it is your job to teach the truth regardless of what the majority of scientists think or what the legislators decree.

These two examples come to mind because the scientific consensus fought to keep the status quo against these major discoveries. There are others, but these are a good place to start.

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The same challenge is present to scientists and educators today.

If a textbook indicated that 2+2 could equal 5, what would you do?

You could ignore the error in the textbook or you could tell the students what is wrong.

If you know that there are factual errors in your students' textbook, should you teach the errors or teach what is factual?

As a teacher, it is your responsibility to tell your students that there is a factual error in the textbook.

You can tell them all the things that are wrong in the book and then tell them what is accurate.

What Inaccuracies Are In The Textbook?
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