For Parents


As a parent, you are responsible for another human life. That is nothing new.

However, one of your most important jobs is helping your child grow in his faith.

There are people out there that wish to see the Christian faith dismantled. Whether these people will admit it or not, this work is a product of the evil one.

There are many reasons why Genesis is vital to the message of salvation, but these first two are a good starting point.

For Your Child's Faith

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If a textbook indicated that 2+2 could equal 5, what would you do?

You could tell your child what is wrong.

If you know that there are factual errors in your child's textbook, should you say nothing about the errors or should you discuss them with your child?

As a parent, you should tell your child that there are factual errors in the textbook.

You should point out the inaccuracies in his textbooks.

Errors In Your Child's Textbook

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