Battleground Textbook

We are at war.

That is not easy to say and it is even harder to understand.

The best way to understand it is that the devil is trying to turn as many souls from The Kingdom as possible and so he has started with young minds that can easily be molded.

To that end, he has found a way to manipulate them in a place where kids spend most of their time, school.

By placing lies within the textbook designed to get the children to doubt the truth of Christ, he draws them away.

The light at the end of the tunnel is that you can fight back. I will equip you.


Just click my picture to schedule me to come to your school or church to talk about these vital issues.

Rest assured, if asked, I can speak only on science only (a secular lecture).

If I am asked to come to a Church, I will speak on both science and The Bible.

The primary goal of these lectures is to get the inaccuracies out of the textbooks.

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